What should I look for when buying furniture?

Nov 11, 2019 | Furniture

Are you tired of living off your parents’ dusty, old furniture and keepsakes? Are the springs of your couch jutting out? Are the chair feet getting a tad squeaky? Regardless of how much you appreciate that antiquated, crumbling pile of wood dust in your home, maybe it is time you get some new furniture. With that said, here are a few expert-approved tips that might come in handy when you are shopping for the perfect furniture pieces for your living space (because I know how challenging first-time furniture shopping can be!)

First Things First, Measure Your Space!buying furniture in Lewisville TX

Too many people end up with furniture that is either too big or too small for their rooms. Why do you think that happens? Because most people do not have an accurate floor plan ahead of time! And that is why I would suggest you that even before you set foot in a furniture store, you should have a layout or drawing of the space you wish to kit out. Find out if you have enough space to open any doors or windows and if you are able to walk from one end of the room to the other without climbing over the new furniture. Here are some rules to keep in mind before you start shopping for your furniture pieces:
  • Living Room – If you want your living room to foster conversations and aid the flow of traffic, you need to keep your couches and chairs no less than 5 to 10 feet away from each other.
  • Family Room – In addition to the rules about the couch and chair arrangement, the television viewing area should be considered as well. If you have a 50-inch TV, for example, I will suggest you to place the couch or chair more than a hundred inches away (but not so far that you have to change your prescription to view what is going on at the screen!). To create an easy flow in any room, there should also be traffic lanes that are at least three feet wide.
  • Bedroom – If you want to sleep like a king or just have a really comfortable bedroom, you need to keep the bed at a distance of about 24 inches from the wall. This will allow any door to open with ease and make the movement around the room effortless.
When you have a grasp of just how much space you really need in a room, you will find buying the right furniture a lot easier. Therefore, be sure to measure your room height and length, the size of windows and check to see if your room is “true” or square before you place your furniture. Doing so will help prevent a potential disaster like buying a king-sized bed for a queen-size room!

How Much Is Too Much?

Whatever digits the furniture experts say about the bare minimum for furniture budget, only you can get a fix on how much you have and how to spend it! Therefore, I am not going to tell you how ‘much is too much’ for you on a furniture purchase. You need to find out how much money you can really work around with. As soon as you peek into your pockets and decide on how much you can spend, you will have a fair idea of where to look and what to look for.

I Encourage Window Shopping

When it comes to furniture shopping, window shopping is a wonderful way to keep an eye out for bargains, get a real feel for the products and materials that you are interested in and get to know the retailers in your area or online. If you can make the time, a few trips to the store before you actually make that furniture purchase can help you save a TON of money on your new furniture pieces. Not to mention that you will get the opportunity to actually feel the furniture fabric and even sit on it to gauge its comfort level for you and your family members. That tactile experience goes well beyond anything the Internet can offer.

You Have Options (A Lot of Them)

buying furniture in Lewisville TXThese days, you can choose from a lot of wood for the different types of furniture you need. You can opt for heavy woods such as oak, rosewood, and teak if you want your furniture to last for generations. Teak is actually preferred by numerous homeowners due to its versatility and availability. It is also termite resistant, so it lasts longer than any other wood. Oak is a good choice, as well. The types of furniture made from oak are often praised for their uniqueness and high quality. Rosewood, on the other hand, is heavy and insect resistant. It is also very popular and elegant. That being said, if you are looking for something more modern – something with cleaner lines and a sleeker look – then contemporary furniture pieces are the right ones for you! These pieces are functional, attractive, practical, and a breeze to clean. They are easy to build and to disassemble. They are also very different from antique and heavily embroidered furniture because they are lightweight. Contemporary furniture is designed to make your life comfortable and luxurious. They are just the right pieces to contemplate your modern home. They make every room vibrant yet very relaxing. They even go well with most types of house décor. Metals, glass, and plastics are often combined with wood to produce these amazing creations.

Quality Over Everything

If you want to make your dollars stretch farther, you should invest in high-quality furniture pieces that provide good value for the amount of money spent. Sure, they may cost a couple of bucks extra up-front, but they will also last a lot longer than their lower-quality counterparts. But just because a vendor advertises that their luxury furniture is high quality and charges a high price does not necessarily ensure that the furniture being purchased ranks high on the quality scale. There are a number of ways you can determine if the quality of the furniture you are buying justifies a higher price tag. These ways may include: checking if the furniture has a scratch-resistant composition, sturdy construction, and premium upholstery. Well, then, this is how you can buy furniture pieces that will complement your living spaces. Just keep these tips in mind before you set foot in the store and you will be good to go!

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